We came close!

We may have lost the election, but we will never lose the fight.


Candidate spotlight: Sandra Workman for Senate District 1

Georgia’s WIN List proudly endorses Sandra Workman for Georgia Senate District 1, where she hopes to unseat a Republican incumbent who hasn’t faced a Democratic opponent since 2010. The district includes Bryan County and parts of Liberty and Chatham Counties.


The Georgia General Assembly will have to act to stop offshore oil drilling

The Trump Administration announced in January of this year that they were going to open up 90% of all offshore areas of the U.S. to oil and gas exploration, and kill the 50-mile limit that the Obama Administration had fought to put in to protect the U.S. coastline. What does that mean for Coastal Georgia?


Coffee with Edna Jackson

Here’s what I think I have in common with former Savannah Mayor Edna Jackson: We both think a government has to work for ALL the people. We both think it’s important to listen to the people. We both believe in including everyone in the conversation.


Qualifying day at the Capital

Sandra qualifies with the Democratic Party at the Capital building in Atlanta.