We came close!

We may have lost the election, but we will never lose the fight.

We came close, my friends, running against an incumbent who’s never been challenged before. How amazing is it that we came this close! We may have lost the election, but we will never lose the fight.

We ran this campaign in the hope of making meaningful changes in Georgia. We will continue to fight for working people and our children’s educations. We’ll continue to fight to protect our fragile environment and fair and equal treatment of minorities. We’ll continue to fight for sensible gun laws to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Despite losing this election, we can and we will continue to lobby for the change Georgia needs, and deserves.

I congratulate Ben Watson on his victory and hope that he uses his role as Senator constructively. He knows that we won 39% of the vote. He knows that thousands of us are watching, and we will hold him accountable.

During this midterm, Stacy Abrams gave the African-American community pride, and brought out the vote. I’m honored to have had the support of so many of the African-American leaders from organizations, churches, and the NAACP.

I have a long list of people I want to thank, starting with my husband, Tom, without whom I could never, ever have run. And thanks to my children, Angel and Adam, who are my biggest cheerleaders. I want to thank my team: Maggie Pearson, my Digital Director; Chelsey Beck, my Campaign Manager; Michael Sims, my Political Director; Lynda Spiegel, my Communications Director, and Jill Powers, my Volunteer Coordinator.

A very big thank you to an untold number of volunteers without whose help there wouldn’t have been a race. Thank you to all of the donors who contributed generously to the campaign. And thank you to the Georgia WIN List, Moms Demand Action, the Savannah Regional Labor Council, and the AFL-CIO for their support.

And to my Dad, who passed away in September. When I was considering whether or not to run, he offered this piece of advice that made the decision for me. He said, “Sandy, if you decide to run, you’ll never regret it. But if you don’t run, you will.” He was right. I know he’s smiling down on me now. We may not have won the election, but we started a movement. And we’re not going away! Again, thank you to all of my supporters during this campaign.

You all are the best!

Thank you for all of your support and friendship, Sandra Workman

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